Challenger Drummondville: Canadians own masters

bester-vaincu-7e-teteCanadian tennis players had not easy in the beginning courses in Drummondville Challenger and they still answered. Philip Bester was right in the seventh-seeded of the tournament, the American Tommy Paul, while Peter Polansky defeated French Hugo Nys to the next round.

Combative, Bester offered tennis inspired an audience that had conquered him in advance. The match resulted in several spectacular exchanges which Bester came out winner most of the time, including through forehands and volleys worthy of the best.

Vancouverites performance capped a great day for the Canadian contingent. Both athletes advance to the second round and will closely monitor the performance of their compatriot Frank Dancevic. Victim of an unlucky draw, it will rub while the favorite, Yuichi Sugita Japanese.

Krajicek moves forward

If the seeds began to fall, the second favorite, the American Austin Krajicek (101th world player) remains. He was right in his compatriot, the spectacular Evan King, in the 7-6 and 6-1. King provided a good contrast to Krajicek, forging even a big lead in the first set. However, Krajicek returned to the charge to win the tiebreaker, which visibly affected the morale of King, who has not been the same afterwards.

Moreover, the Belgian Gigounon Germain was forced to retire due to injury. He had yielded the first set 2-6 to his Slovakian rival Filip Horansky and trailed 0-2 in the second set when he withdrew. In the following match, Igor Sisjling had to work hard against American Eric Quigley, but has still won in three sets. He appointments twice with Polansky Wednesday in singles and doubles.

Duel-Peliwo Shapovalov

Polansky and Bester are the favorite pair to grab top honors twice. Two other Canadians will make their appearance and one of them crosses consistently since the first round Filip Peliwo and Denis Shapovalov face off early in the afternoon on center court inside the Tennis René-Verrier.

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