Chantal Demers murder of Victor Poirier will be charged

apres-cinq-jours-battues-conditions(Quebec) The recidivist Victor Poirier will eventually charged Thursday with first degree murder of Chantal Demers, The Sun has learned.

After three months of investigation in the Quebec City police, the prosecution is able to drop the most serious charge in the Criminal Code.

In the arrest warrant obtained by The Sun, we read that, according to police, Victor Poirier would have committed the murder “on or about” May 3

It is this day that, according to witnesses, Chantal Demers and Victor Poirier, a couple from the beginning of spring, would have quarreled violently.

The woman, 46, a native of Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, had also called her daughter crying and asked him for help. Victor Poirier had immediately recalled to deny any problem. Chantal Demers has never been revised from that moment.

After five days of battered in difficult conditions, the police found the body of Chantal Demers May 11, in a wooded area of ​​Saint-Raymond de Portneuf. Partially covered with leaves and tree limbs, the body lay near the place Saint-Mathias, a few kilometers from where Victor Poirier was arrested in his car, four days earlier.

An autopsy confirmed the identity of the missing mother and some elements provided to investigators.

Rain On charges

Victor Poirier was first accused in May of assault causing harm on the person of Chantal Demers, and non-compliance with conditions. He has been held since the beginning of the proceedings.

In late June, the Crown prosecutor, Mr. Jean-Simon Larouche, authorized 17 new charges against Victor Poirier for repeated violent acts allegedly committed against four former joint since 2011.

The man was charged with assault causing injury, assault with a weapon, multiple sexual assaults, death threats and harassment. The crimes alleged to have occurred in Quebec City, Montreal, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and elsewhere in the province. On one occasion, Poirier would hurt his girlfriend using an ashtray.

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