Cheerful crazy rollercoaster

spectacle-salle-michelSo what’s it like a concert Trois Accords? Well, imagine that you are on top of roller coaster and that in making your momentum, this feeling dizzy you lived for 90 minutes so the successes and emotions are linked to a barrage. That’s a concert Trois Accords in 2016.

We could not yet fear the worst before the lights of the room Michel-side turn off. Indeed, as only just over half the seats had been sold, the training could have taken revenge by offering the bare minimum, or the Trois Accords have rather preferred to work extra hard and, let us say, this strategy has greatly successful.

Obviously, the group has been true to its reputation, and it was immediately after the first song the musicians warmly thanked the audience and then leave the stage, causing some confusion which has entertained many. Training is back after a first reminder of what would turn into a long deliciously endless series of reminders throughout the concert.

Besides this approach joyfully unusual, the group has reserved many surprises.

For example, we expect that many viewers keep a lasting memory of this concert, and here we are referring to those who had the chance to go on stage to form the “choir Alma” in during the song naked on the beach.

Note also one of the last reminders that the singer Simon Proulx suggested a bare and oddly poignant reading of Saskatchewan that the audience all sang in unison.

directory side, well, the Trois Accords offered nothing less than an avalanche of success. Even the listener unfamiliar with training could be surprised to know in substance most of the songs. This is a rather surprising finding regarding training in which many would have predicted at the time a tragic fate of “One hit Wonder”.

Moreover, what’s even more fascinating with this unique training is to take a look at those who make up his audience. In the image of his repertoire, the audience Trois Accords is divinely erupted. Included are music lovers young adolescents, adults occupying the venerable jobs (gossip gossip: There was a councilor in the room and he wriggles much that the author of these lines) and even marginal find their account there .

Let’s behind his wacky text, Trois Accords wisely hidden stories and themes that are universal.

Certainly, if all the concerts offered much in 90 minutes, people would be crazy not to spend their evenings in each of the halls.

Fortunately, we can at least count on these merry fools to feel less alone.

The Stopru