Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra: the cautious

chevrolet-silveradoParalyzed by the challenge of this redesign, General Motors has chosen not to take any chances by repeating it two years ago, his duet Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks. As competition increases the innovations of all kinds, from air suspension (Ram) supercharged by the turbocharger (Ford), GM chose to play cautiously. The US manufacturer believes that some consumers did not want to follow the technological escalation of competition.

Apparently “false twins” GM give the impression of having only made powder her nose. On board, there occurs naturally perched high above the road. The input models do not pour into the glitz, but going beyond the standards of comfort strictly utilitarian gear, especially in the field of soundproofing.

The front seats offer outstanding comfort for this type of vehicle. At the rear, the three occupants not rouspéteront the release – downright huge – but the lack of curvature of the bench who at the first advent curve, presses against the door or against your neighbor. If no passengers behind the cushion retracts to transport dry bags trio of forwards an amateur hockey league.

Despite the presence (optional) parking sensors front and rear, driving a Silverado or Sierra is far from an urban picnic. Its size makes finding a suitable site difficult and ship turning radius complicated maneuvers. But as soon as the horizon clears, the smile is back. These trucks will leave gently lead with their very mild electric power steering and good braking.

Apart from a few jolts of the rear axle – when the bucket is unoccupied – on poor surfaces, the driving experience is nice for little that is resistant to the idea of ​​offering a firmer suspension (located Catalogue ) or 20-inch wheels. It shakes a little, but it relies.

The beast, however, need not be cravachée, especially if the V8 5.3 L and 6.2 are under the hood. These are not the most powerful nor the most sturdy (to pull a load, of course) of the pack, but consume more moderately 98 L of gasoline that bathe in the tank. In 2016, an eight-speed automatic transmission is offered on the most luxurious versions. Others, unfortunately, have yet to deal with a six-speed automatic for another year.

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