Chicoutimi, an impenetrable fortress

ancien-depute“The Liberal government was elected with two political commitments. He had to ensure economic development and resolve ethical issues. They failed miserably in both commitments and Chicoutimi voters reminded them. ”

Chef Pierre Karl Peladeau has fully savored this decisive victory in Chicoutimi Mireille Jean candidate by a majority of 3110 votes. He reminded the hundreds of PQ supporters gathered on rue Racine why the PQ remained master in that district. “People know that since 1973, they can rely on MPs who defend primarily the interests of Quebecers,” added the sovereignist leader.

The Quebec Liberal Party had yet dreamed to change the history and resume the riding of Chicoutimi for the first time since 1935. The harsh reality has caught up since he has once again hit the monolith sovereignist ensures victory of the candidates of the Parti Québécois without interruption since 1972.

Mid-campaign, the troops of Philippe Couillard could ever hope to catch the PQ Mireille Jean, who was leading by six points according to the survey Segma Search The Daily Energy-Red FM published on 24 March. Arrests of Marc-Yvan Côté and Nathalie Normandeau and emails between Sam Hamad and even Marc-Yvan Côté were quick to nail the coffin Francyne T. Gobeil accusing 22 points behind the PQ in the second survey April 8.

This is a bitter defeat for the Liberal Party of Quebec and Prime Minister Philippe Couillard who assumes the role of minister responsible for the region. The latter has been very active in the campaign of the candidate T. Francyne Gobeil and was still in Saguenay this weekend for the final push before the vote.

When he addressed the Liberal party, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard has downplayed the vote. According to him, the Liberal Party has still done well given the events of recent days.

Exceptionally well and felt that the protected Mayor Jean Tremblay was going to be welcomed with open arms to the government, the Prime Minister formally presented to Ms. Gobeil Liberal caucus in Quebec.

The PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau did not leave the whole field to his rival and made several visits to the constituency. He made every effort to lie to the other parties to the effect that he was treated unfairly Stéphane Bédard MP by withdrawing his position as leader, a gesture that was the cause of his resignation.

Monday night, Pierre Karl Péladeau wanted to specially thank the resigning member and his father Marc-André who were active throughout the campaign. A presence that confirms according to the PQ leader that the sovereignist is able to debate.

In terms of commitments, the candidate of the government has targeted the Centre Georges-Vézina, the synthetic soccer field at École secondaire Charles-Gravel and the rehabilitation of the operating room of the Chicoutimi Hospital. His opponent PQ for its proposed creation of a government computer data center and creating a strategic hub for transportation electrification.

The caquiste candidate Hélène Girard insisted throughout the campaign promise to reduce the tax burden of $ 500 per worker. She also pledged to vote against the establishment of the Quebec firearms registry.

The heads of Québec solidaire conducted stays in Chicoutimi to support the candidate Pierre Dostie. The campaign of the former part of the Jonquière hospital has forced other parties to comment on the behavior of the multinational Rio Tinto Aluminium.

Leading from start to end

The Parti Québécois managed to close ranks to give the candidate a victory Mireille Jean with a comfortable majority of 3110 votes in connection with the election of Chicoutimi, despite a turnout of 41%.

By early evening, the anxiety was palpable among some organizers who feared the impact of the low participation on the outcome of the evening. At the opening of the first boxes, the PQ candidate took the lead and maintained its leading position until the end of the evening.

She was warmly applauded when he entered the bar’s entrance with his head Pierre Karl Péladeau. The militants exploded when he expressed his great satisfaction at the victory of the new Member for Chicoutimi.

Mireille Jean spoke reminding the activists that she was very pleased with the outcome of this campaign it attributes to the work of his team and the support of his new deputies colleagues, Sylvain Gaudreault, who acted in this campaign as a kind of political godfather. She especially wanted to enjoy this special moment that is a first victory in politics to explain the meaning of his political commitment.

“I have been blessed by life. I have a spouse with whom I share my life for 30 years. A girl who makes all my pride. We have been successful in business. It is true that we have worked hard, but life blessed me, “began the new MP for Chicoutimi.

“I am from a poor family. But I had the chance to study. I grew up in a society that educated me and given health care. Never, I would have had all this without the support of Quebec society and my political activity, I will protect these gains. This is the essence of my motivation, “stated Mireille Jean.

Mireille Jean went on to say that this political commitment is against major policy of the Quebec government. It considers that the austerity policies are mortgaging all the essential community network in society as well as the health and social services. These policies are up impoverishing the region, according to the MP, and it will spare no efforts to combat them.

During a press conference, the member for Chicoutimi acknowledged that Sam Hamad case had influenced the election in Chicoutimi. It maintains, however, that people believed in his political involvement and his proposals for economic development. She drew attention to the fact she was leading in the polls before the revelations about the former president of the Treasury Board.

Mireille Jean took a few seconds to congratulate his opponents, including three women, and especially emphasized the quality of debate during the election campaign, which took place under the sign of respect.

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