Child bitten in the face: $ 30,000 claimed from his own brother

pere-victime-reclame-aujourdhui-frere(Quebec) The members of a family clash in court after a young boy had been bitten in the face by a dog on the day of his seventh birthday in the summer of 2012. The father of the child wants almost $ 30,000 to his own brother.

The little boy of Saint-Marc-des-Carrières was playing in the yard of a cottage belonging to his family, on August 5, when he approached the gallery where the dog his uncle was.

Without warning, the dachshund has bitten the child in the face, causing extensive damage. His father, who owns a paramedic training, was the first to rescue him, before quickly get to a hospital. “Scraps of flesh hung from his face above the lip,” the boy says the lawsuit filed this week at the Quebec City courthouse.

It took 25 stitches to heal the wounds of the boy. Months were then necessary for healing is completed.

The father of the victim now calls his brother and his wife, dog owners $ 18,000 in damages for her son. Child’s parents also require $ 5,000 each and $ 1,725 ​​for other expenses related to the incident.

Reached by Le Soleil Wednesday, the father of the child now aged nine ensures that this is an insurance war and that all family members are on good terms. “This is a procedure to keep our rights,” he said of the lawsuit.

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