Child Pornography: the accused allowed to use a computer

vesu(Amqui) Andrée St-Pierre judge agreed to the request of the defense, Wednesday to Amqui courthouse, to modify the conditions of release of Richard Warren Causapscal in Matapedia. Therefore, man, 47, charged with possession, distribution and access to child pornography, have the right to use a computer and the Internet.

Team police investigating the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet of the Sûreté du Québec arrested the individual in April and had searched computer equipment at his home. After appearing in court, where he was formally charged, the accused was released under certain conditions. Among these, he was forbidden to use a computer to access the Internet and use a cell phone.

The Court heard the boss Richard Warren, a computer technician. The president of the IT services firm delivered a plea for the employee who has been employed for about five years. “It has caused us major headaches since April, testified Alain Vigneault. By region, it is difficult to find someone who has experience. “The man, whose company is part of a banner with 250 stores, has told the court that he fully supported his employee. “The way it happened, he Downloade something for a client, it’s something that could happen to me,” he admitted.

Cell phone

Despite the objections of the Crown, St-Pierre judge amended the accused’s commitments. Therefore, it will always prohibited Richard Warren to have access to a computer and the Internet, except as part of his work and provided it is in the presence of a client or a colleague. The magistrate also allows it to have access to a cell phone, since it will be provided by their employer and whether a device not giving him access to the Internet.

Richard Warren will have to return to court on September 1 to Amqui courthouse for guidance and return. It was at that point that we will know whether he pleads guilty or not guilty to the charges against him.

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