Child prostitution: 22 men arrested in Toronto

police-regionale-york-mene-coupThe police GTA arrested 22 men involved in child prostitution case in hotels in the region last week, announced Tuesday the York Regional Police.

The 22 suspects are facing more than 65 charges of luring a child for the purpose of obtaining sexual services and have agreed and obtained the sexual services of a minor. They risk a prison sentence ranging from 90 days to 10 years for those charges.

The York Regional Police conducted this major crackdown in the Raphael project that addresses the exploitation of teenage girls on the internet. According to CTV, the men were trapped by false prostitution ads published online by the police. When people inquired of services offered, the officer explained to them that the prostitute was 16 years. At least 10% of men even when accepting the offer.

“The majority of underage girls doing sexual acts for money do so against their will and are often victims of violent crimes, threats of violence, coercion and deception,” the statement from the York Regional Police .

Ten men were arrested last year in a similar operation. Four have pleaded guilty and received sentences from two to seven months in prison.

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