Chinese pilots trained at Saint-Honore

aeroport-saint-honoreThe airport of Saint-Honore could receive, as of mid-May, a new customer apprentice pilots from China. These were recruited by the training school Cargair Aviation, currently installed at the Saint-Hubert Airport, in the Montreal area.

According to information obtained, a meeting was held in recent days between the mayor of Saint-Honore, Bruno Tremblay and Josee Prud’homme, owner Cargair Aviation. The latter wishes to relocate a dozen aircraft for training and part of its activities in the region because the authorities of the Saint-Hubert Airport wishing to refurbish one of its main tracks starting in the summer. “They are coming. It is an independent company and we have no control on it except for the fact that if they were to build a new building, they should get permits. They did not decide much. ”

According to information obtained by Mr. Tremblay, it would matter to train in Saint-Honore one hundred Chinese students per year. He was not able to specify if he would be a private or professional training pilots. The addition of this training would increase by about 12,000 the number of movements over the airport in addition to 67 000 to 68 000 already recorded by the presence of private airlines like Exactair and Training Centre of Quebec aerospace (CQFA) Cégep de Chicoutimi.

The choice of Saint-Honore is justified by the fact that this airport is one of the few in Quebec to have a control tower operated by Nav Canada, as is the case for Pierre Elliott Trudeau airports a requirement on the part of the Chinese.

CQFA the side of the director of education David Gagnon, also heard about the training school project to train Chinese pilots by Cargair, and sees no particular drawbacks. “It is a little tasserait pilerait and is a little on the feet, but it is possible to receive such a school. The Canadian sky is big enough for that. This is not something impossible. Air traffic control will have to adjust, “Mr. Gagnon.

It does not see in the installation of Aviation Cargair a source of competition, as is a public CQFA training school.

Side Cargair Aviation, it was not possible to speak with the Director of Operations, Daniel Adams, to know more details about the activities planned in Saint-Honore.

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