Christine Boivin leave its place

Councillor Lac-Kenogami, Christine Boivin, leaving politics at the end of this mandate, in November 2017, mainly because of electoral districting.

“If the draft regulation is as it is now, the sector will be four times bigger. The needs will be different too. There will be rural and resort. It will be very difficult to travel anywhere to meet with citizens. I Kénogami Lake tattooed on the heart, but I do not know people from other neighborhoods, “she said on the sidelines of the Jonquière borough council Tuesday night.

The member of the Democratic Renewal Team ensures that it will remain involved in the community, within the Board of Camping Jonquiere, for example, despite the legal battle between the organization and her. “I’ll watch what happens. I know the realities of the sector. Lake Kenogami is not just part of Saguenay, consult the MRC for each decision, and this is an important drinking water reservoir. ”

Christine Boivin regrets not having been consulted about the division of districts, which went from 19 to 15. “I would have worked differently.” The draft regulation provides for Lac-Kenogami down along the Rivière aux Sables up the United boulevard, encompassing the districts St. Raphael and St. George, and follow highway 70 to St. Anthony rank including the Saint-Damien rank. The counselor has also voted against its adoption.

“I’m an honest person. Since I saw the map, I thought it was too much. It will become a full-time job. I want to continue my career and also have a balance with my family, “says Ms. Boivin, who had made his decision before the lawyer Charles Cantin announced his interest in municipal politics.


Even if he will incorporate any party, the counselor Jonathan Tremblay plans to run in Lac-Kénogami the next election, as comprise a part of his current district. “I attended many summer the corner, I have a boat on the lake. The new challenges, this is like politics. I already know a few issues now, as the non-verbal paths and riverbanks, because there in my area. Redistribution, it will have one like, either this project or another. ”

The consultant already manages a district some 8,000 voters and not afraid of the magnitude of the task. It provides adjust his schedule teaching accordingly. It is not intimidated by the announcement of the criminal lawyer Charles Cantin, pondering represent Lac-Kénogami. “This is an excellent candidate. He has many ideas to revitalize the city center, then it may very well be counsel elsewhere. ”

Electoral map

The citizens of Saguenay have two weeks to contest the draft regulation redefines the electoral map.

It was adopted by the City Council on August 1 and provides that the city will be divided into 15 electoral districts instead of 19. The Bay and have three in Jonquière and Chicoutimi, six each. The Baieriverains will average fewer per district than in the other two districts, that is to say 4900 electors from 8500.

The maps of each district are available at to “Stay” section. It is possible to consult the text of the draft regulation to the Legal Department and the Registry at the City Hall on Racine Street in Chicoutimi. People who want to register their opposition to the new electoral map should send their name, surname, address and signature to the clerk Caroline Dion before 24 August. If there are more than 500 opponents, a public consultation will be held. Dominique Gobeil

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