Christmas lights in the United States consume more than a year in Ethiopia

immense-sapin-noel-rockefeller-centerThe amount of energy used by the Christmas lights in the United States far exceeds the annual consumption of poor countries like Ethiopia or El Salvador, researchers covered a US think tank.

The “decorative lights” that adorn Christmas trees and garlands especially at Christmas in the US weigh 6.63 billion kilowatt / hour, far more than is consumed domestically each year by El Salvador (5.35 billion), the Ethiopia (5.30 billion) and Tanzania (4.81), indicates a recent blog of the Center for Global Development.

To reach their conclusions, the authors Todd Moss and Priscilla Agyapong, crossed the data from a study of the US Department of Energy from 2008 with those of the World Bank.

They also recall that the 6.63 billion kw / h account for only 0.2% of the energy consumption of the United States over a year even though they would run … 14 million refrigerators.

The authors also point out that the energy used by American households on average weighs only about one quarter of the total consumption of the country.

The household weight is particularly low in South Korea (14%) in their sample of 31 countries, established with United Nations data, and it is particularly strong in Ghana (57%), according to the blog. Canada ranks him roughly in the middle with 28%.

“In other words, 70% of electricity is used outside the home in commercial and industrial areas,” write the authors, according to which households can not be that “an element” of an effective strategy energy savings.

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