Christmas market in downtown Montreal

chorales-ateliers-biscuits-aires-jeuxIf you enjoy the magic of Christmas, this is for you. From December 12 to January 2 will take place on the esplanade of Place des Arts for many activities, such as mornings tales, lively playgrounds, workshops biscuits and a visit to Santa’s house and Mother Christmas. The event will take place in beautiful scenery of houses that should appeal to both small and large!

Question of creating a great atmosphere, choirs will parade on the site and we can stretch the legs with the master of the square set, Jean-François Berthiaume.

“We were inspired by traditional European Christmas markets and a more modern version was created by adding a scenic dimension, explains Claude Larrivée, CEO of Tribe, who had the idea of ​​this market and s is associated with Gilbert Rozon, president and founder of Just for laughs. The environment will be very warm, we can drink, have fun, eat, shop, all in families. ”

The gourmet chef Jérôme Ferrer of the trailer will be on hand, as the team truck Au Pied de Cochon and La Queue de Castor. Also included is gift ideas made by local craftsmen – toys, jewelry, sweets, wine and spirits – all in a festive atmosphere.

“I have three boys, I come from a family of seven children, I look forward to being a grandfather and I love Christmas,” exclaimed Gilbert Rozon. Christmas is for him when we meet, we are reconciled, and he loves this magical mind. “You never stop being children! We hope you’ll have fun and rejoice, it’s a baby that will grow every year! “Promised the businessman.

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