Cinema Jonquiere become a cinema bistro

cinema-jonquiereCinema Jonquiere exchange vocation. Beginning in May, it will become a cinema bistro. Dubbed Cinema Aperitif, the establishment of the rue Saint-Dominique will to adults drink one drink and eat in the dining room. A first for Cine Cinema Company which also operate the Cinema Odyssey Chicoutimi.

In a few weeks, moviegoers adults can go see a movie and enjoy a glass of wine, beer or even champagne in Jonquière. They will also complement a projection enjoying a meal taken from a bistro menu.

Cinema Aperitif is the second of its kind in Quebec. Cineplex VIP rooms Brossard offer the same type of services.

However, this is a first for Cinemas Cine Entreprise which announced Wednesday transformation Cinema Cinema Aperitif in Jonquiere.

“The concept exists elsewhere. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience to moviegoers by allowing them to make out with friends while enjoying a glass of beer or wine, said Raffaele Papalia, president of Cinémas Ciné Entreprise, in an email exchange. Having gained expertise with the Cinema Aperitif, we’ll adapt this concept to our existing cinemas and future projects. ”

Besides the expected popular titles, Cinema Aperitif offer of auteur cinema, opera live from the Metropolitan Opera of New York, ballets and trips around the world (Raiders Voyageurs).

“What better way than to live operas live with a flute of champagne, said Mr. Papalia. It is with great pleasure that we offer moviegoers the Saguenay a new modern concept designed specifically for an adult audience, to whom we promise to live a premium experience at Cinema Aperitif “said Raffaele Papalia.

The halls will be closed to the public from April 4 to make major changes.

Beginning in May, two cozy and comfortable rooms with new seating style “lounge” and a high-quality entertainment system will be available.

“Cinema Jonquiere will be redone to 100%. The lobby, the bar counter, tables, chairs … With the new bistro menu, service of alcohol, the new warm, it will be a place where film lovers will want to gather “, is convinced Raffaele Papalia.

Cinema Aperitif will be open in the afternoon and evening every day.

Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprise are active in the region for over 35 years.


Recall that the lease between the Company and Ciné Cinema Place du Royaume is valid until 2018. In recent years, several rumors have circulated about the future of cinema Chicoutimi.

Raffaele Papalia himself has expressed its willingness to move to a new building, built specially for the cinema.

The latest information suggests that Cinémas Ciné Entreprise lorgneraient the spaces directly behind Place du Royaume.

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