Cinema values

cinema-monde-sherbrookeMalika Bajjaje enters the coffee smile on his lips, cell phone in hand, the fast pace of the woman who turned off the lights. which is the case. Within 24 hours of the launch of the Festival World Cinema de Sherbrooke, there are always small and large emergencies poppent left and right.

So yes, she turned off the lights. But first, Malika Bajjaje stirs curiosity and openness, inflames the hearts and ignites passions (do not worry, I’ll stop there in the inflamed launched).

Let’s talk about similarities. So have in common the Festival des traditions of the world and the world of Film Festival which starts today?

The world, yes, good answer. The same CEO, Malika Bajjaje, yes, another good answer.

But the real one right answer, it is the opening of the second on the first, the obvious desire of Malika Bajjaje share its openness to the world, the spread of the share, either in the Palace the East in the month of August or at the option of a selection of films and meetings in an April start any movie.

Moreover, the World Film Festival is a bit of an initiative of the Festival tradition, when in 2011 Malika approached Catherine Viau to integrate a small part 7th art at summer rendezvous. This leads to that, now they Denis Hurtubise meeting of the cinema house and finally we launched in 2014 the first edition of the Film Festival.

Intelligence moviegoers

“The movie has an incredible impact on the construction of our world, of our ideas and our values,” notes Malika Bajjaje, who was born and raised in Morocco, where westerns US nationals movies camped systematically cowboys in role of good and Indians in one of the wicked.

“It presents things in a certain way and the messages are there, whether in management or the script. The messages are not always so obvious, but they are there, “she notes again.

So here we take care to select films that will speak to the intelligence of moviegoers who will feed reflections and discussions.

“In today’s world, I think every gesture, however small it may help to break down prejudices and open minds,” argues smiling director of two festivals, which in the same breath, multiplies efforts to create and strengthen links with the Sherbrooke areas, making it so that not only we will spend much time at the cinema house this week, but we will also have the opportunity to walk around the side of Springboard of Granada, the cultural Center, the Alfred-Desrochers room, Parvis and centro, in full Friday street and some warmer places too.

See you there, so, just to enjoy the Festival while Malika off its lights.

Want to go?
Opening night of the 3rd World Film Festival

Tuesday, April 5

5-7 of launch, 17 h, Siboire Deposit

Red Carpet Event, 19 pm, Cinema House

Opening film The tall, 19: 30 pm, Cinema House

Evening party, 21 pm Restaurant O Deer

The Stopru