Citizens have already voted

directeur-general-elections-canada-marc(Ottawa) The decision of Prime Minister Stephen Harper triggered the longest election campaign since 1872 in the heart of the summer did not deter voters to vote now.

Four days after the dissolution of Parliament and the launch of the campaign, many voters did not wait to October 19 and have already exercised their right to vote, confirmed yesterday the Director General of Elections Canada, Marc Mayrand .

“Voters can already go to any Elections Canada office across the country to vote in their constituency or another, and that since the election was called. There are people who have already voted. Our first vote is also someone came in Abitibi, at the very beginning of the campaign, “he suggested in an interview with The Gazette.

Vote from the election

Since 1993, voters can exercise their right to vote at any time of the election campaign, not just during the period of advance voting. The novelty this year is that Canadians will do so for a long period, that is to say almost 80 days. Normally, a campaign lasts about 37 days. “This is something that is not well known. It takes no special reasons to vote now. You do not need to specify a reason, “said the big boss of Elections Canada.

In an interview, Mr. Mayrand agreed that Mr. Harper’s decision to initiate an electoral marathon 11 weeks forced Elections Canada to work twice as hard in the early days. It took signing new leases for hundreds of local leased by the organization throughout the country for the duration of the campaign to include one month’s rent plus. The last lease was signed yesterday morning in Burnaby, British Columbia. We also had to recruit new workers to replace those who could not free themselves before September 1, when Elections Canada had initially planned to put the machine in motion.

“It is not easy because people are usually recruited for two months, the month of the election and a few weeks later. We ask them to add a month now and it is a summer month. It took people remember. There are people who were not available, etc. There was a challenge in terms of human resources. Everything is about to be settled. There is no panic button, but you have to manage that, “he said.

A maximum?
The electoral law provides that a campaign lasts a minimum of 37 days. But it does not provide for maximum duration. Should we review the law to impose a limit? The big boss of Elections Canada is cautious. “I get asked many questions about the rules. My concern at present is to enforce the current rules. After the election, yes, we have to think about this. ” The Director General of Elections Canada must submit a report to Parliament after each election and make recommendations.

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