The City denies censor board meetings

1173709The communications department of the City of Sherbrooke denies having demonstrated censorship in video editing of the last council meeting.

Failure to meet any intervention involving illegal donations reflects criteria of objectivity and informative content, justifies its director Marie-Hélène Wolfe.

At the Council meeting of 4 April, citizens have taken advantage of the questioning to challenge Mayor Bernard Sévigny on illegal donations of $ 1,000 that his party, the Sherbrooke Renewal has received during the 2009 electoral campaign. neither the responses of the mayor or the interventions of consultants on the same subject appear in video editing hour broadcast on MATV and on the City’s website.

According to Ms. Wolfe is compliance with the criteria established by the Executive Committee and the Communications Department who have ensured that the subject of illegal financing was not found in video editing.

“These are the same criteria that exist from the beginning (of the broadcast council meetings) in 2010, that is to say, the content should be neutral, informative and community service,” said Ms. Wolfe, recalling that these criteria appear “clearly” at the bottom of the screen during the broadcast of the program.

“The principle is to put of the information, not comments to ensure the neutrality of the content,” adds the director of the city’s communications department.

That said, Ms. Wolfe also recalls that the full contents of the meetings of the board is still available on the website of the City of Sherbrooke immediately after each session.

Since the release of the assembly on Tuesday, Ms. Wolfe said he received a single email from a citizen about the lack of debate surrounding illegal contributions.

“This is not a complaint, it is a simple comment and I am about to meet him,” she says.

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