Civilian flights will be tracked by satellite

entente-fait-suite-disparition-mysterieuseAn agreement reached Wednesday at a meeting of UN agency could allow airliners to be tracked by satellite and not only from the ground.

This breakthrough results directly from the mysterious disappearance of the plane MH370, the carrier Malaysia Airlines last year.

The agreement allows countries to set aside radio frequencies to allow to track aircraft.

The current ground-based radar systems currently allow about 70% of the surface of the planet unattended, said the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN agency responsible for communications.

The modern aircraft that can transmit signals Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) to the ground could now start to also send them to the satellites from 2017.

The agreement provides that the 1087.7-1092.3 MHz radio frequency book tracking aircraft satellite spoke at the World Radiocommunication Conference, an international meeting which is organized every four years by the ITU.

Measure sought

The International Civil Aviation Organization militated strongly in favor of such monitoring aircraft, provided that this does not jeopardize the current security measures.

The flight 370 of carrier Malaysia Airlines and 239 people who were on board have vanished in March 2014, exposing to light the flaws in the global air navigation system. Boeing 777 debris were found in the Indian Ocean this summer.

Experts welcomed the fact that the agency has been able to respond so quickly to allow the aircraft to be tracked by satellite.

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