Clerics of Saint Viator: victims will share 20 million

victimes-visees-enfants-sourds-muetsDeaf and dumb children molested for decades by religious Quebec will get $ 20 million for the horrors they suffered.

An agreement was reached this week between clerics of St. Viator Canada and the Centre for the Deaf community of Metropolitan Montreal after lengthy negotiations. However, a trial is still expected against a mega-structure the health system also continued.

If the agreement announced yesterday is authorized by the Quebec Superior Court in the coming weeks, victims of the clerics of Saint Viator will share the largest sum, tie, delivered to the victims in this type of action in Quebec. Last year, the Congregation of the Redemptorist fathers had agreed to pay $ 20 million to former students of the Séminaire Saint-Alphonse, Quebec.

“I am more than satisfied. This is a significant amount of money that will be used to compensate the members of this group have the right to justice, “says Mr. Robert Kugler, whose firm represents victims Kandestin Kugler. More than 150 of them have already been identified and this number is set to increase according to the lawyer. “It’s always difficult to know how many victims will come forward. But I would not be surprised if the number of victims increased by lot ”

The intended victims are deaf and dumb children 8-16 years sexually abused between 1940 and 1982 by the clergy of St. Viator at the Institut Raymond Dewar, also known as the Institute for the Deaf in Montreal. “These are extremely serious sexual assaults complete, accurate Me Kugler. There is a list of 38 different abusers young children. It is enough that they are young children entrusted to adults, add to this that they are young deaf children with communication problems that are even more vulnerable. It’s obnoxious. ”

The fight is not over yet

At the Association of Victims of priests, although it welcomes the regulation, the fight is not over so far, since no agreement has occurred with the Institute Raymond Dewar, now merged university Integrated Centre Health and Social Services Centre of South-Island of Montreal (CIUSSS). “We are half fig half grape. It is set, but it is not resolved to our satisfaction since the victims will go to court, “said Carlo Tarini, director of the Association of Victims of priests.

The victims’ lawyers are demanding millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages to CIUSSS. The trial is scheduled for September 2016, if there is no waiting by then with the public institution.

Canada St. Viateur Clerics have also expressed satisfaction with the agreement in principle in a statement. “The Clerics of Saint Viator hope that the process agreed facilitate compensation of members of their group and avoid further suffering. We pray for them and their families and wish to express our disapproval of any sexual abuse, including those committed against minors, “said Father Nestor Fils-Aime, provincial superior of St. Viateur Clerics of Canada.

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