Closing the Dalhousie Parking: citizens will make their indignation

fermeture-stationnement-dalhousie-empechera-332(Quebec) Citizens and shopkeepers of the Old Port district fully intend to express their discontent with the Quebec City tonight about the options available to them during the temporary closure period of Dalhousie parking, the September 1, 2018.

The site of the future site of the Boating Party will prevent 332 monthly users, many area residents, and the 200 hourly users to park their car in the parking Dalhousie for that period.

The ethicist René Villemure, who lives on the Sault-au-Matelot Street, will make its voice heard at the consultation meeting on the project at City Hall tonight. He who was parking his car in 2008 at Dalhousie parking was offered as an alternative to go to the parking City Hall, 25 minutes walk from home.

“That does not make any sense. I stationed 150 meters from my house and now it will be 550 meters from home. How do you want, for example, go grocery shopping? And if you forget your keys at home … “he illustrates, adding he would not have bought a building in this neighborhood if he had known that there would be more parking.

The Company Parc-Auto du Québec (SPAQ), which manages the parking Dalhousie offers to Mr. Villemure and other residents in his state of their pay for the cable car tickets, but it stresses that often returns very late after delivering of lectures everywhere in Quebec and the funicular closes at 20h during the winter.

“I received the letter of the SPAQ July 17, two weeks notice, and was told that I had no option but to go to park me” up “! They put me out until 2018 although the work will be completed in 2017, “says one who also protested the way the City of Québec conducts its consultation process.

Decision already made

“We are told that it is a consultation process, but it is flawed because the decision is already made, we never consulted the residents and businesses and the documents that were given to us are a real gibberish. This may be a legal process, but it is neither viable nor realistic, “says Villemure.

He said the city should at least offer area residents free parking in the surrounding streets through a thumbnail. “However, I am aware that it will not solve the problem of hoteliers and industry traders. Imagine the merchant who is told that his clients have only to stand under the ramps of Autoroute Dufferin, then take [the bus] the one to go home. It is unthinkable! “Laments one who hopes that city officials will listen to people affected by the work.

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