Cocaine trafficking: a Waterlois pleads guilty

mark-dufresne-trafiquait-partir-sa(Waterloo) A man arrested for selling cocaine, especially in a bar in Waterloo, acknowledged his mistakes in court.

Mark Dufresne, 52, pleaded guilty yesterday in desaccusations of possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana, at the Granby courthouse. Following a police operation, the SQ had found in the Waterlois 189 grams of the alkaloid, cannabis resin and $ 440 in cash.

The descent into his apartment on Foster Street, on February 27, followed a first operation of the security forces, this time monitoring. A week earlier, an undercover officer was introduced to one of Mr. Dufresne outlets located at Alexandra bar, as Foster Street.

Under a false identity, the agent was able to buy half a gram of cocaine of the accused at a cost of $ 40. A waitress in the place had served as an intermediary between the buyer and Mr. Dufresne, who was making his transactions to the bathroom.


Based on this finding, the police then obtained a search warrant for the residence of the accused, who also was dealing from his car.

Mr. Dufresne is now exposed to a minimum sentence of two years in prison. In his defense, Mr. Nicolas Cossette has requested the preparation of a PSR. Together with Mr. David Saint-Georges, the public prosecutor, the parties agreed to postpone the case to December 15.

The accused, who now lives in Sherbrooke, is a regular court. In the past, he pleaded guilty to charges of driving while impaired, possession and marijuana production, broken condition and assault with a weapon. He also received fines for not less than 16 violations of the highway code.

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