Coderre appoints an adviser to education

richard-deschamps-conseiller-municipal-arrondissement(Montreal) Denis Coderre appointed this afternoon the councilman of small opposition party Action Pro LaSalle, Richard Deschamps, the office of councilor for education and university and college business. It will serve as a ‘bridge’ between the City and universities.

The mayor is a voice of the majority in the municipal council. Deschamps Advisor he will vote now on the side of the administration Coderre?

“We now begin a great collaboration and it is in this spirit that I address the question,” responded Mr. Deschamps at a press conference, specifying that it did not change political party . “[So far], 90% of votes, we have always voted with Mr. Coderre. There are a number of votes where, for various reasons, there was disagreement. It is an expression of democracy and I think that’s very healthy. We will continue in this direction. ”

The rector of the University of Montreal, Guy Breton, said that the university community has long called for the establishment of such a link with elected. Mayor Coderre also specified that there would now university during trade missions abroad of the City of Montreal, particularly in China this fall.

Education is a provincial jurisdiction, why Coderre administration she appoints an elected official educational record?

“I mix my own business and even though it was not my business, it would be normal to mix in me anyway,” replied the mayor Coderre. “We are not in a judicial debate. I do not say what should go in the curriculum, but if I speak in terms of needed research chair, if I say: “How are we able to develop all expertise and enligner in the same folder?” If we talk in terms of start-ups or promotion, that’s my business. ”

Richard Deschamps City Councillor in the borough of LaSalle. Before joining the party Pro Action LaSalle, he was a member of Union Montreal, the deceased party Gérald Tremblay. He was notably responsible for infrastructure and economic development to the executive committee. When Mayor Tremblay resigned, he was chosen by Union Montreal to succeed him, but finally Michael Applebaum who had managed to get elected acting mayor by the municipal council.

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