Coffee color week … neighborhood

1174565The independent cafes, we like. For both tasty lattes that are used for the atmosphere like no other found there. Alex Sereno wanted to highlight them throughout the province.

Him, he wades through the caffeinated beans. Literally. Enrico Serena, a childhood friend, particular at the helm of the roasting house Barista Café. He had the idea to lather these small neighborhood places, these places of rendezvous where one feels at home and where baristas prepare the cream of the coffee cream.

“We have a week of macaroni and cheese, there was nothing for coffee. “It was foolish, it was to create. It is launching I like my coffee, Quebec week of independent cafes, provincial movement that starts on Monday and continues through Saturday. Throughout Québec, small retailers have raised their hands to participate in the movement. In the region, several operations are included. The Old North Mano Café, Café du Globe, the Kaapeh the Tassé bistro and coffee Three Graces are in the list. Some institutions organize activities during the coming days, but the highlight of the week is April 23, so that all participants cafes offer two discount options, friendly price. Coffee without milk will be sold at $ 1, one with milk, $ 2.

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