Coiteux first hand tends to public employees

entrevue-avec-soleil-president-conseil(Quebec) The President of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux, seeks to lend a hand to the first 000 employees over 500 of Quebec’s public sector.

It is not true that the Quebec government has nothing to offer to the bargaining table and that it is not prepared to be flexible, he argues interview with Le Soleil.

He is willing to improve the salaries of thousands of employees who are not currently remunerated at the level they should be.

One thing is heard, and the Martin Coiteux martèlera during this interview, which took place in the late afternoon Thursday in its Quebec City office: the government does not acquiesce to the demands of public sector unions, requests rise not only to 13.5% salary increase over three years, according to calculations of the Treasury Board, “but 28% when added all.” That is to say, when added to salary requests those relating to working conditions.

“The 13.5% were totally outside the budget context, imagine 28%!”

“Passing lanes”

The great financier of the Quebec government wants us to understand that there are “pathways” with the Quebec public sector unions. And that is why he speaks of “constructive discussions” at the negotiating table – at least on certain issues.

During this interview, Martin Coiteux has for the first time put flesh on the bones, unveiled what he is willing to do under the “salary relativity”, including.

“We do not take that 3% increase over five years at the negotiating table,” he has argued.

He says he wants to correct inconsistencies that are sources of inequity for many workers. “Normally equivalent job values ​​should provide salary scales equivalent and give the same or nearly identical salaries. Now this is not what we have now. There are pay gaps that have no reason to exist, “he analyzes.

He said it conscious can be set to “zero cost”; that is, that the most disadvantaged employees should catch the most advantaged in this operation.

In the public sector, jobs are classified according to their “value”, which is based on 28 criteria. Now jobs of equal value are indeed paid differently. This is the case for a criminologist and a social worker. The first can earn $ 72,852 per year; the second, $ 76,486.

Jobs of “lower value” shall have pay above jobs classified as “higher value” category. A man fighters’ heavy housekeeping “in some cases receive $ 34,370, while a woman assigned to” light housekeeping “win $ 36,085.

These examples were provided by the Treasury Board Secretariat at the request of the sun and after the interview with the minister.

By the way … the “modalities”

Martin Coiteux always the will to pass the normal retirement age of public sector employees from 60 to 62 years. But he indicated that the way to get there is open.

It thus suggests that this change may take some time to take place, that much would be at least “quietly start moving.”

Same logic to his desire to increase the applicable penalty for making an early retirement from 4% to 7.2% per year. If the objective remains the modalities to get there, including the implementation schedule, “remain to be defined.”

Martin Coiteux is sometimes cryptic, but it will indicate during the interview that public employees could benefit from enrichment related to their “performance”.

“If the public sector improves its performance, and contribute to greater economic growth, it is quite normal that employees benefit.” The minister refuses to say more.

Martin Coiteux is little doubt that the unions deem too timid hand stretched its first since the launch of this round. It nevertheless called “to be agents of change.”

The Quebec government employs 591,823 employees if we count, in addition to full-time employees, those working part-time, seasonal and others. That is, it employs 494 528 “full-time equivalents”.

Whistleblowers protection officials soon
Officials Quebec whistleblowers will soon be protected.

Martin Coiteux shortly present to the National Assembly a bill to denounce them “wrongdoing” in their workplace, while being protected against possible administrative reprisals.

The President of the Treasury Board has made ​​a formal commitment in an interview with the sun. “Work is advanced enough that I can say that there will be a bill,” he said when he was asked about it.

“We want to establish a mechanism by which public sector employees witnesses of wrongdoing in terms of good management of government business, good management of the public good, will have a space to denunciations. They will be protected at the same time. ”

In his eyes, this is a “tool” linked “to the modernization of the state.”

Idea from 2009

Such a bill was to be presented by the government of Pauline Marois. But time has missed the team remained in office just 18 months.

The idea of ​​such a law has long circulated on Parliament Hill. In 2009, then in opposition, the PQ had filed Bill 196 on “Whistleblower Quebec public sector.” The Charest government did was not seized.

The Union of Professional Quebec government and the Union of the public service and parastatal Quebec has long urged the government authorities to submit such a legislative project. The former has even produced a substantial document on the subject.

To avoid settling scores in work environments, malicious or frivolous accusations will be punished.

It should allow to be denounced irregularities without creating an unhealthy climate of denunciations “because people would want to settle scores with their neighbors working or boss,” has entrusted a government interlocutor.

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