Colleagues Sandra Fortin in shock

sandra-fortin-52-ansEmployees of the National Union of aluminum employees Arvida (SNEAA) are in shock. They are difficult to explain what might cause a person to take the life of Sandra Fortin.

Used SNEAA of the past eight years, and computer technician employed by Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) in Arvida for about 20 years, Sandra Fortin was very appreciated by her colleagues.

“This is a great loss. From the moment the identity of the woman found dead was confirmed, it hurt us. We suspected, but we always had hope, “said Alain Gagnon, president of SNEAA.

I must say that the aluminum union was involved quickly in the disappearance of their employee.

From last Thursday night, officers were advised of the situation and put a team at work.

“We participated in the research. We tried to find solutions. We were very worried because it was not in the habit of Sandra disappear like that. It was a very hard blow. It reflects very badly what could happen, “says Gagnon.

Sandra Fortin worked in the Human Resources Committee and was Chair of the Committee of Women in SNEAA. They say the 52 year old woman was very involved in the community.

“Right now, our efforts are directed towards employees SNEAA who worked with Sandra. We will see with the family what we can do next things “concluded Alain Gagnon.

By late afternoon, the National Union Unifor (whose SNEAA is a member) has issued a press release in response to this unfortunate story.

“It is with astonishment, sadness and incomprehension that the union Unifor learned the sordid murder of a member of Local 1937 (SNEAA), Sandra Fortin, who was brutally murdered,” stressed Quebec Director Renaud Gagne and deputy director, Sylvain Martin.

“The problem of violence against women is a cause dear to Unifor union and unfortunately, this case demonstrates that even today it is still necessary to combat this scourge,” said the union leaders.

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