College Football: Rookie year (aa)

demi-defensif-francois-hamel-connuYesterday we unveiled the all-star teams in college football, and as we have already pointed out last week, several newcomers were selected. Defensive tackle Matthew Betts, Mathieu-Louis Normandin pass trays and Yannic Lessard, kicker Dominic Lévesque were unanimous choice, as François Hamel.

Although there is less talked about it, the Marauder Carabins University of Montreal (UdeM) had an outstanding season as he occupied before Anthony Coady Alouettes. Many doubted some tertiary Carabins early season with three newcomers among the five starters. The veteran Maiko Zepeda has been an excellent leader, but Hamel did more than hold its own, like the half Zacary corner Alexis, another rookie selected in the star formation.

“It’s still 14 years since I played football, reminded the student of physical education and health. And I always played with good teams, played in big games in the playoffs. In my first year at Vanier College, we went to the Bol d’Or.

“It’s really a team effort defensively, insisted Hamel. When a player made a big play, a quarterback sack and one interception, it is often because his teammates did their job. And I know I have much of my success this season to the work of other players on the field. ”

The intensity goes up a notch tomorrow for all recruits with their first playoff game. Hamel feels ready. “As I said, I’ve played important matches. Sure there are more people in the stands, and the expectations are very high when we play for a winning team, but I know what to expect.

“We have already played twice against the Vert & Or [Sherbrooke Carabins opponent in the semifinals] and I think we had done our part of the work facing Jérémi Roch. It is an outstanding quarter – evidenced in his records – and we can not prevent it from succeeding games.

“The goal is simply to contain their attack well and be really strong near our end zone. The victory will probably go to the team that will commit fewer errors. ”

Hamel has not done much this season on the back of the defensive Carabins and insurance suggests that it does not commit further now that the games are nowhere.

Laval and Montreal dominate

With respectively 11 and 10 selections, the Laval Rouge et Or and Carabins de Montréal are well represented in the star team of the Quebec university football. Concordia Stingers have seen five of their selected players, including quarterback Trenton Miller, while the Sherbrooke Vert & Or to be content with only one choice, the center Francis Lapointe. McGill and Bishop’s have no representatives.


College football: The Spartans opponent

The Spartans of Old Montreal will be the only representatives of the metropolis tomorrow in the semifinals of the Quebec Division 1 college football. After starting the season sawtooth, the Spartans have ended on a better note, in particular to overcome the team from the College Notre-Dame-de-Foy, one they find themselves today. The other semifinal of the Elks CEGEP Garneau to Champlain Cougars Lennoville, the only training unbeaten (9-0) this season.


Soccer: decisive weekend in Quebec
This is the weekend that provincial securities are played soccer at the university, both in women than in men. The women’s side, the Laval Rouge et Or, already assured of going to defend his national title under his championship in the regular season, however, not meant to be content and leave them favorites, today in the semifinals against the McGill Martlets. In the other semifinal, UdeM Carabins will travel to Sherbrooke to face the Vert & Or in a very even game on paper.

The fight promises to be as tight in men. UQAM Citadins took first place in the regular season and will receive Laval today, while the Carabins will host the UQTR. Pat Raimondo, head coach of the Carabins hopes his young squad to reach the final for the 11th time. “No way, however, to look beyond our game tomorrow [today]. The Patriots had a good season, they beat us on our field (0-1) and may very well surprise us again … ”

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