Collision in Granby: A 2nd body found

serie-collisions-impliquant-camion-citerneThe serious accident Friday on Highway 10 near Granby, finally two dead: the body of a second person in the car that collided with a tanker carrying fuel was found Saturday morning.

The motorway, which was closed to traffic for many hours, was reopened to traffic around 5am.

A series of crashes involving a tanker truck and three cars have succeeded at 18h on Friday, for a reason still unknown.

“Following one of the impacts, the tanker ignited. The tanker burned and a car was also destroyed by fire, “and had explained Gino Paré, spokesperson of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

A first body was found in this car, built under the tank.

Hours later, a second body was discovered in the same car.

More than one person in the car

Already on Friday, the SQ progressed it was possible that there was more than one occupant in the car.

“The state of the vehicle, for now, does not allow us to confirm if there is more than one person was killed, explained Gino Paré.

Another driver was seriously injured in the accident, but the authorities do not fear for his life. He was transported to the University Hospital of Sherbrooke (CHUS).

As for the driver of the third car and the driver of the tanker, they suffered nervous shock and minor injuries.

According to Michel Guérin, a Granbyen living near the scene of the collision, the driver of the truck was speaking with a voice panicked after the accident. The man, who suffered minor injuries and nervous shock, begged the emergency services to hurry, telling that a vehicle was stuck under his tank and caught fire.

Mr. Guérin and his wife also reported that there was a lot of traffic on Highway 10 at the time of the accident, possibly due to ongoing work on the deck overlooking the Yamaska ​​River, a few kilometers away.

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