Collisions with deer: no new fencing on the 175

los(Quebec) There will be no new anticervidés fences installed along Highway 175, confirms the Sun the Department of Transport (MTQ), even after the collision between a moose and a Corvette that has killed two fifties from Donnacona Saturday.

Two fifties died in the night from Saturday to Sunday when their Corvette collided with a moose on Highway 175 at the height of kilometer 112. There are no anticervidés fence there.

“Right now, it does not provide for adjustments”, the Department continues to collect observations about accidents involving deer in the area, says Bryan St Louis, Transports Québec.

About 67 kilometers from anticervidés fences were erected on Highway 175 at the time of rebuilding, in the early 2000. These facilities were made “where it was geologically possible,” according to the relief and the environment, says St. Louis.

Since then, the number of accidents between cars and deer decreased by 30%, according to data from Transport Quebec. Today occur on average about 30 kinds of collisions per year on the road 175.

Apart from anticervidés fences, other techniques can also be used to prevent accidents involving deer. Bryan St. Louis mentions including deforestation around the roads and the creation of salt ponds – that attract deer – at safe distances from the floor.

The Department recently announced the installation of new fences on seven kilometers of Highway 169, also in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve. But “fences [anticervidés] can not do all the work,” recalls Bryan St. Louis so that drivers be particularly vigilant crossing a “high risk” area as Route 175. “It’s still a reserve Wildlife. We must not forget that. ”


The identity of the two people who lost their lives in Corvette in the night from Saturday to Sunday was also unveiled Monday by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ). This is Hélène Leblanc, 53, and Gilles Lessard, 58, both from Donnacona.

They died after their car had collided with a moose on Highway 175 at the height of kilometer 112. They were on their first experience with the Corvette Club Quebec, whose president Alain Lussier, who followed them on the road at the time of the collision, seemed very shaken by events.

No criminal element would be involved, said Melanie Dumaresq, spokesperson for the SQ.

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