Comedian mystery: the idea is a hit

mystere-utilise-image-lionPeople in the region have undeniable risk appetite. Within 48 hours, more than 2,500 people bought tickets to the show of a comedian which they know the identity.

Quebec humorist has realized an ingenious marketing move this week. On Monday, he posted a video inviting people to get tickets for his new one man show entitled The risk appetite without knowing his identity. Spectators who dare can purchase a ticket at nearly half the price, or $ 20.

“Do you dare take up this offer out of the ordinary, not knowing that you have to deal?” He questioned is in the brief video that talks about a comedian darling of the public.

“At a time when our industry often relies on a name and a face, I find it very funny to completely ignore in the sale. It fits perfectly in the show’s theme in which I will laugh blithely fears that guide the choices we make … and especially those we do not, “he said in a statement issued Monday.

In Saguenay, the invitation was seized by several spectators who will travel to Théâtre National Bank on 12 April and on 5, 6 and 7 May 2017.

A first date at the Theatre National Bank first announced Monday morning in May 2017. Within minutes, all available tickets had flown. After discussion with the producer, Monday day Diffusion Saguenay was able to add a second representation to the calendar. Again, the show was sold out within hours. A third date was announced on Monday afternoon.

“On returning to the office Tuesday morning, it was also full. We have added a fourth time on April 12, but this will be the last, “says Claudine Bourdages, Director of Communications Diffusion Saguenay.

She agrees that this is an excellent marketing move which will allow to bring a new audience to the comedian.

“In life, we are selective when buying show tickets because it takes a babysitter, because the budget is limited, because of the lack of time … This time people will discover comedian , others are already fans and will be happy to have paid that price. It’s a very good idea. This is a national campaign and the excitement is everywhere. This is quite a success. ”

The promotion is ongoing until Wednesday evening, 21h. The identity of the comedian will then be unveiled at the show in fashion Salvail V broadcast from 22h.

A total of 30 dates are scheduled and almost all the shows are sold out.

In addition to those of Saguenay, more are planned in Quebec, Sainte-Thérèse, Trois-Rivières, Drummondville and Brossard.

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