Common Front : six days of rotating strikes in the menu

csn(Quebec) The united front, trade union of employees of the State will instruct its members to give him the mandate to trigger the six days of rotating strikes if negotiations with the government stalled this fall.

Union sources have confirmed the information to The Press on Thursday. The common front will make an announcement about it on Friday.

The strike mandate must be voted on by each trade union in the general assembly.

The common front prepares the ground for the strike since the spring. He has already asked for mediation, and provided the provisions for essential services required to obtain the right to strike.

The common front includes 400 000 550 000 State employees whose collective bargaining agreements are now expired. It brings together the CSN, FTQ, CSQ, SFPQ and the APTS.

For its part, the Federation autonome de l’enseignement (FAE) will soon announce when it will start the three-day strike already passed by its members.

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