Communications and transmissions, Achilles heels manufacturers

systeme-cue-cadillac-cite-parmiIt’s fine to make cars more and more connected and entertaining, to sophisticated transmissions, but it is still necessary that all works. But this is not the joy in many American motorists have made, from Consumer Reports, the annual verdict on the reliability of their vehicle.

Our cars do not worth our smart phones. In terms of providing entertainment and providing information. It was known to the last point of very long cycle in the automotive industry. This is still the case. Geeks will have to be patient. Because to believe the subscribers of Consumer Reports magazine, who shared their experience on board of more than 740,000 vehicles last three years models, infotainment systems are still failing. And disappointing.

It’s even worse than before, according to the observation made last spring. In most cases, the controls on the screen in the center console does not respond, the system outright or plant it does not recognize the smart phone which you want to associate. In this enviable record of “bébelles” the AcuraLink, the CUE Cadillac and Infiniti InTouch system would be the worst. The legendary Ford MyTouch system, however, would give less of trouble before, while we wait to learn more before judging the Sync 3 of the manufacturer to the blue oval.

“This tells us something about the new technologies in general: it often takes some time before solving a problem. Therefore it is recommended to wait a year or two after the release of a new model before throwing his sights on it, “warned Consumer Reports.


But what is growing with current technology, is to see how the new transmissions are not satisfactory. Whether for a dual clutch transmission, a continuously variable transmission or a box at eight or nine reports, the same complaints back: sudden change report, blocked speed, disappointing fuel consumption.

The US consumer magazine readers have pinned, jumble, automatic transmission nine reports of the last Jeep Cherokee, the dual clutch transmission (six-speed) Dodge Dart and Fiat 500 L, automatic transmissions with nine speeds and dual clutch eight-speed Acura TLX or the continuously variable transmissions and Pathfinder Nissan Altima.

“We find that many brands are struggling with new transmissions, regardless of the gearboxes. Many vehicles require repair or replacement, “says Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing magazine, which highlights the reliability and satisfaction in this area are still at the rendezvous in Audi, BMW, Honda, Toyota Mazda and others.

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