Companies courted: Sevigny said to be personally involved

donne-assuranceMayor Bernard Sevigny is personally involved with companies courted by Sherbrooke Innopole. He gave the assurance on Monday to the City Council, referring to the move of the company NAC Systems, which will install its production of kitchen cabinets in Cookshire before the end of the year. He said he had been aware of this issue in particular at all stages of the process.

Councillor Jean-François Rouleau had raised concern over a potential exodus of sherbrookoises companies. “I want to express my concern in everything I called the saga of Sherbrooke Innopole. An update will be made to reassure board members and the public that our representatives on Sherbrooke Innopole you Mr. Mayor, ensure that there is no exodus of businesses Sherbrooke. ”

Last week, Councillor Annie Godbout considered it the responsibility of the mayor to be proactive and that he should meet with leaders of NAC Systems.

“I am aware of what they have done such steps.”

In response, the Executive Director of Sherbrooke Innopole, Josée Fortin, had mentioned that the mayor “does not interfere in our daily operations. […] When an intervention of the mayor is necessary or desirable in a particular folder, it still actively working with us and the company. ” She added that an intervention of the mayor would not have changed.

Many interactions

“Mr. Rouleau, you raise a very interesting question in relation to Sherbrooke Innopole, conceded Bernard Sévigny. When the agency has closed its quarterly activities report, this is the time to ask questions. When there is news coming out, I agree with you that it is to give an impression that we are not active and we do not do everything in our power, especially when talking about the enterprise NAC kitchen cabinets. This is a company that works extensively with Sherbrooke Innopole. It was part of the participating companies open doors in the industry.

“Obviously I’m aware of what they did as approaches. I could go on for twenty minutes, but it’s something I can not do. It’s private. There was a lot of interaction with Sherbrooke Innopole. I knew all the time and in some cases, I make regular interventions with businesses. We exploration and it is not public, it is very strategic. Regularly, Ms. Fortin, executive director, asked me to make phones, and even visiting people, and I do it every time. ”

Mr. Sevigny recalled that elected officials have given many tools to Sherbrooke Innopole and the para-municipal organization is used widely. “Sometimes we have success, but we do not win every battle, of course. The question is very legitimate. One can have the impression that the council or mayor do nothing, but instead there are a lot of cases in which I am personally involved. People can be reassured that everything is implemented. ”

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