Compared to you, these characters can really complain about the cold

film-cine-cinema-froid-hiver-neige-glaceYou were not ready to feel the cold whip your face this morning. We agree. Except that it’s gnognotte my guy, compared to what lived these characters of movies.
Upon arriving in the street this morning, you thought “Oula, it stings!”. Yet you had put on your biggest sweater and put on your hood to be comfortable. But most worrying is that we are not yet in negative temperatures … These characters of films, they, have truly confronted the roughness of Mother Nature: the snow, how many, the icy air …

the Revenant
For 2h30, you suffer for Hugh Glass, this trapper in galley in the forest of Louisiana, in full winter. Chased by Indians, devalued by a bear, abandoned by his peers: the whole by “- much”, with snow to the knees. You see the water that freezes in his whiskers. And to change the walk, he goes (a little forced) to swim in the icy river … Clearly, I wonder who here could reach the end without passing the weapon to the left. As a reward, Leo finally had his Oscar. He deserved it.

The Eight Bastards
At the heart of a stagecoach trip, bounty hunter John Ruth wants to rally Red Rock to deliver his captive, Daisy Domergue. Except that he falls on relays and gets surprised by a blizzard of egg, which forces him to take shelter in a relay lost in the middle of nowhere. And there, the guy who deals with it (officially, huh, jdis not everything) gets victimized. Every time you have to go out checking a thing out and risk his skin, it falls on Bob the Mexican. You had pity for him, and cold also, when he had to go out the second time, pulled short straw. And you had already been cold at the beginning of the film, when John Ruth and the other three got confused in 10 cm of snow.

Rasta Rockett
To say that they were not prepared is an euphemism. Disqualified for the 100m because of the fall of Junior Bevil and Yul Brenner, sprinter Derice Bannock does not give up his Olympic dream. With his buddy Sanka and the other two disqualified, they form a team of shock bobsleigh. And when they arrive in Calgary, Canada, they realize it is a winter sport. Where you quail your race. Considering how they tremble, you know they are not well. At the same time, the guys come from Jamaica, necessarily, they were not ready.

Into the wild
Ironically, the cold killed him indirectly. The young adventurer Christopher finds himself stuck on his bus in Alaska, when the winter isolates him and prevents him from crossing the river. It’s shit, no way to move, hunt, pick stuff to eat. And as soon as you get out of the bus, it stings. The cold makes you spend your last calories. Finally, he moles what he can because he literally dies of hunger: seeds of Hedysarum mackenzii. False good idea, they are toxic. Sanction, the adventure stops here for the young graduate in search of ideal. All this because of the cold, in the background. You remember another film where you were glad not to be in the place of the characters?

The Stopru