Complaint against shoplifting the Batonniere: jeans paid 23 times less

17-avril-2014-lu-chanA few seconds before being intercepted for shoplifting in spring 2014, Lu Chan Khuong left Simons Laval failing to pay two jeans approximately $ 230 room, rather paying a second time two jeans that had him cost $ 9.99 each, La Presse has learned.

The lawyer “does not look at price” when she goes shopping or going to the body and has been the victim of a distraction, she says in an affidavit that it has drafted a month after the facts and we obtained a copy.

In it, for the Crown or the police, Mr. Khuong reported its friendship with Peter Simons, owner of the chain stores of the same name.

“If I were stealing intentionally, I would not have robbed the company of my friends. It is simply a distraction, “she pleads. “I know Peter Simons. […] I will sup with them and they come to supper with us. ”

“I do not look at the price when I shop and buys without predetermined budget. I like, I take. When I look at a label, that is the size, not the price, “added the lawyer in the document.

On April 17, 2014, which would become Bâtonnière 15 months later was the subject of a complaint to the police for shoplifting from the Simons store at Carrefour Laval.

Several weeks later, Mr. Khuong received a Crown diversion notice stating that prosecutors held enough evidence to lay charges and were morally convinced that an offense had been committed, but the seriousness of the alleged offense did not warrant a trial under the non-prosecution program for criminal offenses. She accepted the offer.

“I am well, I pay the price that I announce the vendors’

In the heart of Lu Chan Khuong affidavit are his explanations of confusion between cheap designer pants and trousers.

That day, she visited Montreal and Quebec had brought three cheap pants for her and her sister bought in another branch Simons few days earlier.

Trying other clothing – two designer jeans in the center of the file – in a fitting room, Mr. Kuong realized she had “forgotten to put aside that which [it] was intended” pants made from three of Quebec.

“It was one of the three? I have to try again because I could not remember more. I had to try again, because the sizes are unusual designated [sic], “she adds, still in his affidavit. She then said to have been disturbed by a phone call on his cell and handing “what [she] thought was [his] jeans in [his] floral bag”.

At checkout, “I give money to the clerk without question me as to the amount of purchases,” wrote Lu Chan Khuong. “I am well, I pay the price vendors announce me.” She leaves the store, failing to pay pants 23 times more expensive than it has paid a second time, after having acquired a few days earlier in Quebec.

It’s just after leaving the store that Mr. Khuong be cleared by security agents.

“He [the officer] told me they watching me since I came into the store, he thinks I took pieces without paying. […] I had just realized the mistake I made. All for a careless mistake … “laments the lawyer. Then the police arrive.

Press attempted to contact Mr Khuong, including his cell, and his lawyer Jean-François Bertrand repeatedly, but without success. His publicist, Pamela Champagne-side, has not called us.

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