Composting in autumn 2017 in the Brome-Missisquoi

citoyens-municipalites-bedford-dunham-farnham(Cowansville) The citizens of the municipalities of Bedford, Dunham, Farnham and begin in fall 2017 to use brown bins to dispose of their organic matter. Other municipalities in the Brome-Missisquoi MRC gradually incorporate this new collection.

The platform composting of the Inter-municipal disposal of solid waste in Brome-Missisquoi will be ready for table scraps, grass clippings and other green waste from citizens, businesses, institutions and industries.

Sewage sludge from municipal treatment plants waste water and sewage sludge from septic tanks will be included in the course of 2018, said the mayor of Cowansville, Arthur Fauteux.

Cowansville will join three other cities owners of the Board on 1 January 2018, said Mr. Fauteux. She must wait until its residual materials transport contract ends. “We watched it to begin also in autumn 2017, but this is not possible. We will go to tender in September or October 2017 to give a new contract. It will include the transport of organic matter. ”

The Board is working on a project of $ 4.8 million to build a composting platform can process annually 13,600 tonnes of organic matter. She filed to the Ministry of Environment for a grant of organic matter treatment program biogas and composting. The organization believes it can receive funding of $ 1.8 million.

Lower the costs

The addition of a third tray in the courtyard of citizens after those for the recycling and waste will require changes to the collection system, says Mr. Fauteux. It will be effective in reducing transport costs, certainly the most expensive aspect of all collections, he said.

“There is a logistics to think, organize and implement. We must reflect on all this. We will have a third way, but that does not mean we will do a third tour of the city to pick up (brown bins). Can we pick up both simultaneously? This is what we shall see. ”

The volume of organic matter content in the three bins will be about the same, believes the mayor. Organic materials do not end up in the waste, he said. This opens the door to reducing the number of waste collection in the year, he said.

They could spend a collection month, the odor problem is resolved. “Of course we will have to look at how levees by year we have to do,” he added.

An estimate of the Board states that the new service will cost $ 55 per door for municipalities of the RCM.

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