Composting, the preferred option

environnement-saguenayThe technology that will eliminate 100% of putrescible waste landfills by 2020 has not yet been identified. The MRC du Fjord and the City of Saguenay will invest $ 1.5 million for the remaining term studies to come to provide the region with the most economical solution based on composting.

According to several assessments that technology composting putrescible matter in a closed system is the most attractive route for now. The Deputy Director General and Head of Public Works for the City of Saguenay, Denis Simard says the choice made in the management plan is based on the performance of this technique, control and also the least prohibitive costs that all spectrum of the production of different gases.

The first public consultation as part of the revision of the Waste Management Plan, held in Saint-Honoré on Wednesday night helped to address this problem. Nothing is simple in this world and the best technology developed today will necessarily that appropriate to the region since the Saguenay and Lac-Saint-Jean have chosen to harmonize waste management plans for both territories.

“We have now prepared our grant application and must be filed to the Government at the end of the year. There is a schedule and we must respect it. We were treated to all sorts of technological presentations, but composting offers an attractive benefits and if one day more efficient technologies are available, it is always possible to make adjustments, “said Denis Simard.

Notwithstanding the various technological obstacles, the goal is to get to implement the collection of compostable materials for 2020 under the Regulations. This means of distributing 2020 all citizens the necessary facilities for composting and collection of recyclables.

“It is a little forced to perform. It’s part of the equation because we will paid royalties, “insisted Sylvain Lavoie, assistant director in charge of the environment.

His colleague Denis Simard noted the need to conduct education and awareness campaigns for citizens to quickly reach interesting performances.

RCM Saguenay Fjord has already reached the Quebec government targets for final waste sent to the landfill with 490 kg per person annually as the targets are 700 kg in 2020. The citizens of Saguenay have meanwhile addition to an effort while still producing 758 kg of final waste.

This brief statistic conceals a problem that must be solved in the coming years. The performance of the citizens of the city is burdened by the volume of institutional waste, commercial and industrial. Specialists must tackle this great unknown to determine how many tons of waste compostable product Chicoutimi hospital, restaurants and other businesses or Dairy Bay.

Despite the importance of this issue for taxpayers and the costs that they will incur, citizens have demonstrated more than lukewarm interest in this approach provided for in the law. Only four people responded to the invitation of the development commission to hear comments and memories.

Still, for the Saguenay taxpayer, the cost of the waste collection service will increase from $ 171 the door in 2016 to $ 239 in 2020. The taxpayers of the MRC will have to take to assume an increase of $ 205 297 $.

According to Denis Simard, there could be a change in the numbers, but it will be minimal since the magnitudes are already well known in terms of the deployment of a third collection in the territory for the recovery of compostable materials.

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