Concrete slab: proud Coderre, firefighters protest

denis-coderreThe mayor of Montreal has fiercely defended his participation in the destruction of a concrete slab Canada Post this morning, arguing that it was a political gesture, not a criminal act.

Denis Coderre no regrets “not at all” to have grabbed a jackhammer to spray the plant yesterday, the park of the Anse à l’Orme, “even I was very proud.”

In English, he said he “crossed the line, but not that much.”

“It was a political gesture, it was a symbolic gesture,” he added. “The mayor of Montreal is an institution I represent all Montrealers.”

The mayor particularly keen to distinguish his actions union brightness shots last fall, including the sacking of the town hall. “Between ransack a town council and demolish a concrete slab, I think it is not the same thing,” he has said.

But the Montreal Firefighters Association (MPA), singled out after the fall events, does not hear the same ear.

Mr. Coderre was “illegitimately assumed the right to take the law itself” denounced Ronald Martin, the union president, via press release.

“Anyone who claims to be” the new sheriff in town “gave a bad example and launch a truly dubious signal to the public,” added Mr. Martin. He trained municipal employees “to make what could be interpreted as a public mischief, vandalism or a breach of public property under criminal law.”

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