Conservative leadership: Maxime Bernier ready to launch

-beauce-maxime-bernier-ete(Quebec) In an interview on Thursday night, the member for Beauce Maxime Bernier has not confirmed it officially launched into the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party, but it’s like: consultations are going well he is ready to get his team and plans to make an announcement at a press conference in two or three weeks.

“There, my consultations are going well and I think to be able to mount an organization across Canada. There are people, volunteers, who are willing to help me and support me for this leadership race there, “said the former Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, admitting that his actions were pointing more towards a “yes” to “no”.

“It remains for me to continue my consultations, and I am preparing to convene the press in a few weeks for an ad, then you can read between the lines …” said he then dropped.

Maxime Bernier said he was pleasantly surprised that people in Western Canada and the Maritimes have contacted his office to encourage him to enter the race. “I will not be the only Quebec candidate, I also want to discuss issues that concern outside Quebec,” the politician of 53 years.

Proper rules

Mr. Bernier has also said that the rules of the leadership race suited him very well. He suggested, however, that he did not intend to reach the spending limit, set at $ 5 million for the campaign.

“No candidate is not obliged to spend it. One can make a good campaign without spending $ 5 million! If I’m running, I’m going to spend the money I collect. This will be my limit it. As a good conservative, I will not campaign indebting me, “he continues.

A balanced budget will also part of the platform by the member for Beauce. “I will build on the ideas that I have always defended: individual freedom, individual responsibility, fairness in government policies, respect for Canadian taxpayers, respect the Canadian Constitution, the return to a balanced budget , wealth creation and the reduction of taxes and duties. ”

Maxime Bernier also said to be comfortable with the formula is that each constituency has the same weight in the race. “This is a clause that was set up by Peter McKay in the merger of the Progressive Conservative Party with the Canadian Alliance and it allows a campaign across Canada. This is excellent for democracy. ”


He added that the number of interested candidates will not influence his decision whether to make the leap. “I wish there were more candidates, because it is healthy for the party, it brings different views and I wish there was a debate.”

But what might cause the voluble Beauceron not to try to run the estate of Stephen Harper? “I prefer to go to the positive side and tell you what would make me go: I still have to consult with people in other provinces and if it continues to go well, I hurl. I also consulted the Conservative members from Canada so I would support some of my colleagues, “he concludes.

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