Construction: fewer permits but more valuable

sherbrooke-delivre-moinsAlthough the City of Sherbrooke delivers fewer building permits and certificates of authorization, the year 2015 will have experienced an increase in value of the work of $ 40 million compared to the previous year. So, in 1176 new dwellings were started, against 886 in 2014.

“This is a positive result that is characterized by an increase in value of the work. These are mainly multi-family rental projects types, namely housing cooperatives, apartment buildings and retirement homes behind this increase, “said Isabelle Ménard, director of urban planning service to the City of Sherbrooke .

The number of permits and licenses issued increased from 4584 to 4485 while the value of permits was up $ 271 million to $ 311 million. Among the major projects include the new pavilion of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family, to $ 18.9 million, Urbano, for $ 21 million, and office buildings of $ 2.2 million in the district of Fleurimont.

“The year 2014 was difficult. 2015 is close to the average for the value of permits last five years. It restores the value of building permits, “said Jeanne Bégin, Head of Section at the service of permits and inspection.

“Basically, for the residential, the Mont-Bellevue sector was favored,” she adds. There are actually 71 are allowed more than the year before while all other boroughs are experiencing a decline, which is consistent with the trend of recent years. However, the value of work is growing everywhere except in Fleurimont, where it is $ 15 million less was invested, down 23%. Instead, Brompton has experienced the largest increase, with values ​​that are 25% higher.

“Fleurimont was favored in other years, so it’s possible that this is the pendulum swing back,” says Ms. Bégin.

“It is expected that the number of building permits is lower than in 2016 according to the Statistical Institute and the Commission de la construction du Québec, especially in the residential, where the vacancy rate is higher. ”

Councillor Marc Denault was also noted that it is built around 1,000 new homes each year as the urban plan foresees an increase in population from 5000 to 10 000 inhabitants in ten years. “So there is a pressure increasingly important on vacant units …,” he said.

His colleague Serge Paquin added, however, that the City could do nothing. “We are in a free market system. We can not quotas buildings. ”

The industrial sector saw a 70% increase in license values ​​compared to 2014. The total value of work reached $ 16 million. Among the major projects were the Rexfab facilities, for $ 1.6 million, and Mesotech, who moved for $ 2.6 million.

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