Construction of an indoor play area with Heads or Tails

nouvelle-phase-expansion-centre-hockey(Granby) A ball hockey center in Granby coin toss will be active all year round. The construction of an indoor playing surface have recently been launched. The new facilities should be ready in time for the winter season, said Monday a co-owner of the place, Sebastien Houle.

“It is in our tight deadlines, but we will be ready for mid-January. Is cast soiling tomorrow (Tuesday) and we will start climbing the walls next week, “Mr. Houle stressed, pointing out that the work should still proceed smoothly since it is a prefabricated building .

The investment linked to this new project – allowing the construction of a second building on the site in two years – remains confidential.

According to Sébastien Houle, the two buildings will be linked, so that players can use the changing rooms and toilets of existing facilities. “The first building was designed according to the second,” says the entrepreneur.

A third phase of expansion could even be envisaged on the site. But “one thing at a time,” said Mr. Houle.

The latter says that surfs ball hockey for several years on a powerful wave of popularity; wave as he and his partners intend to continue to follow.


The new indoor play area of ​​Heads or Tails can also be modified, as needed. “It is designed and mounted for also do ballroom office. In fact, it will be multifunctional because summer, we will use it for our day camps. There is no end, it is the beginning of something … “Sébastien Houle racing.

The Heads or Tails center, located rue Principale, at the back of the store at the Grand Bazaar, also had arrangements with the secondary school of the Divine Word for rent interior spaces during the winter and outside in summer, to meet its needs. But the new facilities could ensure that all ball hockey activities of the center takes place on a single site, which already has five outdoor playing surfaces, Sébastien Houle judge.

Last summer, some 300 teams have been experimenting ball hockey at Heads or Tails. In winter, the place could accommodate up to 70, assesses who is co-owner of the premises with Bruno Chouinard and David Cabana. Registration for the next cold season is also underway until the end of December, Mr. Houle slides.

With the addition of an indoor playing surface, it is convinced that the battery center or Face will stand out. “We will become the hottest website in Quebec,” he says.

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