Contaminated dog park

chloe-tremblay-developpeThe dog park located on the Cabot Street in Chicoutimi-Nord, is contaminated with the virus kennel cough for more than three weeks.

Wednesday morning, the councilor of the borough, Marc Pettersen made a decision. “I’m going to shut the park today for the period of thaw and hygiene measures will be taken to sterilize the park.”

Although most dogs who contract kennel cough cough and spit a few days; Other, rarer, will develop complications. This is the case of the two dogs Claude Duchaine. His two Danish hanging virus kennel cough for 15 days. Their health is deteriorating, and veterinary expenses exceed $ 1,000. The most affected is the young Billy, aged eight months. “He has not eaten for 13 days, except a few canned meat bites. His lungs are affected and his throat is very sore. I do not think he’ll be fine, “worries Mr. Duchaine. According to him, avoid the house and receipts go to the vet as soon as the condition worsens. “Please, for your little baby if flu symptoms persist, do not hesitate to see your veterinarian,” wrote Claude Duchaine on the Facebook page of the dog park.

“It’s very rare that a dog dies from complications of kennel cough, which is actually a combination of virus and bacteria, whose principal agent is Bordetella. It’s like the flu. Most do not need specific treatment, “reassures Camille Boilard, animal health technician in Wooded Veterinary Hospital. As prevention, veterinarians recommend vaccinating dogs annually to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. With this protection, it also reduces symptoms if ever the animal contracted another strain. “The Bordetella is spread by sneezing and coughing. This is not very resistant to the environment, unlike the parvovirus that can remain for up to six months. Just close the park a few weeks should remove bacteria, “adds Camille Boilard.

As it remains close to the dog park, Jean Perron is very involved in this favorite place for encounters between humans and dogs. He went there every other day with his animal. “Last year, roughly the same period, some dogs had kennel cough, but this year it’s worse,” he said. Although the virus appears to be gaining ground, we should also consider that the park is much busier than last year. “Just on our Facebook group, last year, we had 750 members and there we are in 1025,” continued Mr. Perron. The 75 regular dog park have almost all experienced an episode of kennel cough in the last days. “It really looks like this is the park that is infected, like the air because I do not see dogs coughing,” says Jean Perron.

The new canine Complex Saguenay, at a seminar held on 28 February, one of the dogs present, a regular at the dog park, was carrying the virus kennel cough. Its owner did not know. Seven days later, most dogs present at the seminar began having symptoms. “It took seven days before my first dog starts coughing and spitting. He then contaminating the other at home. My two dogs are vaccinated yet, “notes Simon Gaudreault, speaking on canine Complex.

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