Cooke Residence: Barrette recognizes organizational problems

ministre-sante-gaetan-barretteThe Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, agrees that there are problems in the organization of care for residents of nursing homes.

And it intends to tackle this problem.

He said Wednesday it would implement the recommendations of the investigation report into the circumstances surrounding the discovery of two elderly people lying on the ground and left to themselves for long minutes after falling from their beds at the Centre ‘Cooke accommodation, in Mauricie.

This report “can not be shelved,” commented Minister Barrette, in press conference.

For this report identifies real problems, said Minister, promising changes in the organization of care, both in the Cooke residence than in other shelters in Quebec.

The survey report, commissioned by the minister in July, was made public Wednesday.

It “can not not be any change,” the Minister concluded, in the light of the recommendations and observations made by the two people in charge of the investigation, Johanne Gauthier Martin and Queen.

The general principle should guide what happens next will be the following, summarized the Minister Barrette: the organization of care in these shelters “must adapt to the needs of patients.” This is not always the case.

Among the changes anticipated include the organization of care and daily work schedules, especially during meal times.

For example, the number of players required during meal times be changed, so as to ensure at all times rapid response to a resident, if necessary.

The report, with 18 recommendations, follows an incident at the Cooke residence in Trois-Rivières, July 18, while a close to a resident of the facility had filmed two elderly people lying on the ground .

The incident had a strong media coverage, raising general indignation.

In the specific case of Cooke residence, the two authors of the survey report recommended to evaluate the possibility to re-allocate “additional funding to the hosting center Cooke to increase, if appropriate, the number of hours worked per day and resident “.

Also asked the Minister to assess the relevance to install curtains on rails in rooms that need it.

In addition, the schedule of treatments related to the residents’ health should be spread throughout the day, including the evening “to better reflect the habits and preferences of residents,” it said in the report.

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