Copyright photographers: after the Foo Fighters, Megadeth and Zappa …

confronte-reglements-stricts-pour-photographes(Quebec) After the Foo Fighters last week, two other groups invited to the Summer Festival – Megadeth training and the tribute Zappa Plays Zappa – imposed Saturday to accredited photographers who wanted to immortalize their concert to assign all their rights to their images. Once again, The Sun refused to sign contracts and to comply with these requirements as too strict.

Obviously a few years old, the agreement submitted by the band Dave Mustaine claimed photographers do they publish their photos once, before turning negative to the group’s management team. The headliner of the evening metal on the Plains of Abraham has been photographed by the Sun far outside the site controlled by the Summer Festival (QEF).

Surrounding the guitarist Dweezil Zappa, which controls the tribute to his father Frank Zappa, claimed his side’s rights “in perpetuity” in pictures taken at Parc de la Francophonie. Photographers should also undertake to send the team to Zappa, within five days, all captured images. In this case, The Sun has just passed his turn and instead sketched a portrait of the singer-songwriter Bernhari Quebec, which occurred just before on the same stage.

“One among others”

In FEQ, we recognize that this is the first time that so many guests also impose restrictive conditions in regard to copyrights of photographers. The organization may attempt to relax the rules … But the results are far from guaranteed.

“Overall, we can do nothing, says the director of communications, Luci Tremblay. These are rules that are established for all performances they give throughout the world. When it is a tour that is ongoing, there is an element among others. It is often not even the tour manager that manages that. This is often the agent, the manager or the record that established the rules before the artist arrived here. ”

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