CORAMH: $ 100,000 scholarship in six years

annuelle-coramhIn addition to raising awareness and informing the regional population on hereditary diseases, is widely CORAMH its part to help the search. In six years, nearly $ 100,000 was awarded in scholarships to students to help them further their education and their efforts to the success of new scientific advances.

The regional body held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday night and members have drawn the balance of 2015 marked another success.

“The support we do research, it is through scholarships that can be felt,” said the CEO of CORAMH, Sophie Girard, citing the first scholarship awarded to Melissa Lavoie , now a professor at UQAC in the department of health care and new member of the Board of Directors.

“The scholarship helped her pursue her doctorate and she was working at the time on myotonic dystrophy, a rare disease in the region. The support makes students is our way to contribute to research. ”

Another good news suggests that CORAMH a long way. In 2010, a pilot project was launched to allow the screening of four recessive hereditary diseases. Available to people in the area for a period of two years, the project is still in place today.

“This is not yet an official program, but no longer called a pilot project, said Sophie Girard. Six years later, we still offer free tests to people in the region. We hope it becomes a regional program and it extends across Quebec. This is an issue that has held for 15 years and there was no question that we removed after two years. ”

New members

The 36th Annual General Meeting also marked the addition of three new members on the board. In addition to Melissa Lavoie, Elise Duchesne and Nadine Belley-Traoré join the CA which contains 16 seats, more than sixty volunteers.

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