Core services: reverse for ferry

suspendu-jeudi-vendredi-service-traversiers(Quebec) The Labour Relations Board (LRB) sent two letters in two days mayors of Quebec City and Lévis. The first said that it was impossible to impose essential services to the crossbar that connects the two cities as well as that of Sorel-Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola. Barely 24 hours later, the second ad a “diligent” revaluation of records. The interruption of Thursday and Friday services will however not be avoided.

This is the Associate Deputy Minister of Labour which has made the CRT a “request analysis of the ferry folder for assessment of the appropriateness of a liability to essential services”. Included are only two ties that are not yet covered by the decree on essential services or those of Quebec and Sorel.

Minister Sam Hamad, who combines the responsibilities of Labour and the National Capital, commanded the operation, confirms her publicist, Cynthia Saint-Hilaire. “Our work is really to say, can you look if there would be a need to review the decree there, which dates from 1988 and hear the mayors on it,” she summed up Wednesday.

The president of the CRT, Robert Côté, translated and the government’s desire to mayors Régis Labeaume and Gilles Lehouillier: “The object of this exercise is to reassess these issues as appropriate in the light of the concerns that you have recently made . So I inform you that I asked further investigation for these two crossings, including with the parties to the dispute, investigation to be conducted in the most expeditious manner possible. ”

The letter, which The Sun obtained a copy, did not say when a decision could be made. Ms. Saint-Hilaire admitted that “this is not for tomorrow morning.”

In CRT, either no timetable. The spokeswoman Julie Lagacé had little say in the process. All that has acquired, is an investigator will be assigned to the case. “At present, it is unclear what form this [investigation] will take because it is not as common approach,” she said.

If the decree on essential services adopted this spring should be amended, the Ministry of Labour would do it, said Ms. Lagacé.

Criticism of Mayors

Last week, the mayors of Quebec City and Lévis publicly criticized the Society of Quebec ferries (STQ) and CRT, after realizing that it would not service the days of public service strike. In their correspondence, they had asked for immediate intervention in all cases total or partial interruption of ferry services and reviewing all recent decisions.

After the first response sorry CRT Wednesday morning Gilles Lehouillier was comforted by later in the afternoon. “We receive it with much enthusiasm. Finally, we will consider a little the concerns of users, “responded the mayor of Lévis. He said the new letter shows that “the file is moving positively.”

Mr. Lehouillier fully intends to ask the CRT to hear him and the mayors of 10 other municipalities that benefit ferry services in Quebec. “It is true that the public tolerates it today. Again tomorrow [Thursday] and Friday, hostage population we will use, “he denounced, repeating that the cross” is the extension of the road. ”

His counterpart in Quebec would not react.

For two days, no ferry will flow on the river between Quebec City and Lévis and between Sorel and Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola, as sailors, guards, attendants, cashiers, mechanics and welders CSN members go on strike as the rest of the public service. Three other release days are scheduled on 1, 2 and 3 December.

Affected by the recent strike by engineers and navigation officers, STQ has tried to negotiate an agreement of “minimum” services with the CSN, but the proposal was rejected by union members, who wish to “maintain pressure”.

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