Cosby offered money and drugs for sex

bill-cosbyThe former star of the American TV Bill Cosby, taken for several months in a case of sexual assault, offered drugs and money to the women with whom he had intimate relations, reported the New York Times.

The daily cites transcripts of testimony Cosby made in court ten years ago, as part of a complaint from a former employee of Temple University, Andrea Constand, who accuses him of having drugged and of abusing her. The case has subsequently been subject to an amicable agreement with Bill Cosby, the terms are not known.

The actor has assured that he acted as a mentor Andrea Constand to “invite into his house, talk to her about personal situations encountered in her life, how she grew up, her education” , according to the text quoted Saturday by the New York Times.

Both stayed in touch in the early 2000s, and one evening in his residence in Pennsylvania (northeast), he says he gave her a pill and half of an antihistamine drug, Benadryl, OTC, to reduce his stress.

They would then kissed, and have had sexual contact, according to the New York Times. But according to the lawyer for Ms. Constand, the latter believed to have absorbed a more powerful substance.

Constand says he never asked for money. Cosby, who gave him said that if his wife had known, she would have thought it was money donated for educational purposes.

Cosby also gave $ 5,000 to another woman, Therese Serignese, which accuses him of having drugged and abused her to have. This money was paid through his agent to Cosby’s wife knowing anything, ensures the newspaper.

The actor, now aged 78, claims that her sexual relationship with Andrea Constand were granted, and accuses him of “being a liar”.

In this testimony, he also claims to have had intimate relations with at least five women and a “romantic” interest in two others. But he denies having had sex with non-consenting partners.

Since November, thirty women came out of the shadows in the United States, accusing Mr. Cosby fondling and sometimes raped, mostly by drugging them without their knowledge. Some were minors at the time of the alleged facts, which in some cases date back to the 60s.

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