Couillard lenient to the faults of French of his minister

premier-ministre-quebec-philippe-couillard(Saint-Georges de Beauce) The quality and the promotion of the French language is of utmost importance, ” said the prime minister Philippe Couillard, who is nevertheless lenient to the faults committed by his minister of the Family.

The question of the French language has been very present on Friday, when the liberal caucus. The minister of Education, François Blais, repeated in the morning that the academic requirements will be enhanced to improve the quality of the students who aspire to teaching.

In a press briefing, the prime minister was asked about a message posted on Facebook by the minister Francine Charbonneau, to greet the departure of his colleague Marguerite Blais. A publication, withdrawn from, but that has generated a lot of reactions in the social media due to the high number of fouls committed by the minister : “I is not”, “I will take care”, “you is”, in particular.

Difficult language

“This is not an easy language, the French”, a tempered Philippe Couillard. “There’s no need to be condescending or paternalistic with the people. Not everyone had the same opportunities to upgrade their skills or to have a spelling perfect. […] Let us be tolerant, but let us repeat, however, it is important that we, Quebecers, not only to say that we defend the French, but to speak it and write it the way it is as straight as possible.”

In another order of ideas, the prime minister will return in October in Iceland give a speech at the third meeting of the Arctic Circle, a conference on the environment. His last stint in the country, the speech of Mr. Couillard has raised a small controversy because he has uttered no word of French. There was no system of simultaneous translation and, anyway, “the whole world knows that Quebec is French-speaking,” he justified.

This time will be different, promises, Mr. Couillard. “There will be simultaneous translation, good news,” he started, when asked whether he would speak to his audience in French.

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