Couillard reassured by Alfredo Barrios

couillard-accompagneThe Prime Minister Philippe Couillard proves reassured by the words of the world president of Rio Tinto, Alfredo Barrios, about the future of aluminum production in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Passage Tuesday afternoon to bicycle assembly plant Devinci, along with the candidate for the election in Chicoutimi Francyne T. Gobeil, Mr. Couillard said that the large RT boss assured him that involvement in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean of society is profound. According to him, the work continues in particular for the continuous production of alumina at Usine Vaudreuil until 2047 and investments of $ 300 million made annually to maintain the condition of regional facilities.


Regarding the implementation of phases 2 and 3 of AP60, Mr. Couillard said that Mr. Barrios was quite frank when he said he was not about to raise aluminum production in the region given the lower prices of gray metal.

When reminded him that Alcan had made commitments to the region in the mid-2000s, Mr. Couillard indicated that senior management is aware of the 2007 agreement, except that the global context is not favorable. He said it is still important that investments related to the maintenance of plants worth $ 300 million are ongoing.

Mr. Couillard said he questioned Mr. Barrios about the latest announcement of administrative consolidation of aluminum. Mr. Barrios as saying that the losses would affect senior administrative positions that would be eliminated through attrition.

The visit of Mr. Couillard at Devinci was delighted as he said it is a fine example of a manufacturing company working in the aluminum sector which exports its expertise abroad make.

Field presence

Ms. Gobeil for his part said his priority if elected, will be present in its count to defend the ideas of the voters and the government’s position. “I take care of me. I ended up visiting the industrial park. I leave in the morning at 7 am and I get home at 20 pm. I listen almost no news. ”

She said that the subjects more concern to citizens concerning the environment and regulation that frames, student jobs and internship offers and the variety of courses offered in the region.

The candidate mentioned have no special concerns regarding its participation Wednesday at the two-hour debate organized by the MAGE-UQAC.

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