Couillard would require a permit and insurance for Uber

service-uberx-presente-comme-voitures(Quebec) The taxi industry can only dream of an outright ban of the transport service UberX, said Philippe Couillard.

The phenomenon linked to the technological progress can be contained in a coercive or repressive, he believes. But it can be framed so as to ensure fairness to the taxi drivers traditional.

“Currently, it is in a kind of blur,” said the prime minister. “We do not know the status of these individuals, if the income is reported or not, how… there is no insurance, licence.”

Mr. Couillard is favourable to the introduction of a licence for the drivers of Uber and an obligation to purchase a commercial insurance policy. “What you need to do, is say : “OK, we understand this social movement that is in the making, we will develop it in the interests of fairness to everyone,’ he says.

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