Councillor François Tremblay: guilt in mourning

-tremblay-avait-pris-cetteThe shock, isolation and guilt. The misunderstanding, pain and grief. “We do not yet realize the extent of the tragedy,” said the councilman and president of the borough of La Baie, François Tremblay, who lives on hard times since the fire of his residence, and especially the tragic death from his father.

Alderman decided to break the silence before making Saturday a final tribute to his father, Denis J. Tremblay, who died during the tragedy of the night of March 8. It hosted Wednesday at his request, the journalist’s Daily, in a rented house with friends. An emotional encounter, where tears and laughter have succeeded. Tears of sadness; nostalgic laughter.

“My real distress, the death of the man of my life”
Throughout this interview a few hours, François Tremblay, who hopes to be able to live the celebration away from the spotlight, stood up, pacing in the residence, to vent his ideas and emotions. He first began to report the facts. A painful story.

“I tried twice to access the floor where he lived for the save. The first time midway, I had too sucked smoke. My brain told me that if I went up, I went back down probably not. It was a difficult choice. I’ll live with that choice, manage for the rest of my life. ”

“I returned my steps to consolidate the evacuation of my daughters and my wife. After I tried a second time. I have not even been able to advance as far as the first time, “recalls the councilman, who was later taken to hospital. He had slightly burned lips and had inhaled a significant amount of smoke.

Meanwhile, Lorena, his wife, fled with their daughters, Rachel and Camille, aged 7 and 5, in the car. François Tremblay has joined them. “We shouted to Dad to go out on the balcony.”

“The girls went to visit friends, and firefighters arrived. They threw me a rope that I dragged home. I was in underwear. I took out my scales garage and I shouted that my father was in the house. Then the ambulance supported me. ”

“All night I claimed the new Dad. I had hope until the coroner confirms death. I imagined Dad, with his sense of survival and humor hidden in his shower and was going out two or three jokes of his own when firefighters went to open the door. ”


Since these sad events, the councilman and his family live their mourning, isolated. “I realize that I saw it through different stages. The first was shock. Then I needed to isolate myself, and then I had a guilt phase. I had to work quickly on my mind. I had a lot of images and scenarios which formed a vortex in my head, “shares the alderman, who had bought the burned residence with his father in 2004 after the death of his mother, died of cancer. He then met the woman of his life, Loréna, with whom he had Rachel and Camille.

“I felt responsible for the comfort of Papa, especially since his diagnosis aneurysm of the aorta. It was my care to bring it as far as possible, but fate did he tragically died in the rubble of our home, “laments the alderman, who does not feel the need to return to the scene . “I never went back. I do not need to tattoo me those images in my head. ”

“With my mother, I did not have a final discussion. I vowed to have one with my father. That’s what makes me the worst in the tragedy. The material aspect never affected me. My real distress, the death of the man of my life, “says François Tremblay, who admits, however, be defeated at the thought of losing precious memories.

“They are full of memories that are erased: the first quilt girls indoor in which my mom warmed when she was dying. We lose our bearings. It is incalculable the value of the family patrimony. This is a new beginning, a new life. We’ll have to redo memories. ”

Denis J. Tremblay would not have suffered

“I never suffered, rest assured, however, I see peace wings that propel me tenderly fjord towards the blue sky.”

Denis J. Tremblay, the father of the president of the borough of La Baie, has not suffered in the fire at his residence since he died by asphyxiation fast in his sleep, according to the findings that the coroner Sylvain Truchon has shared with the family. Hence these words from the obituary of a man of 78 years.

“The coroner said he had not felt afterwards. Papa was short of breath and was medicated, “informs François Tremblay, visibly relieved.

The causes of the fire, they remain unclear, given the extent of the damage. The second floor, where the fire seems to have originated, collapsed.

Nevertheless, several hypotheses have been ruled out, including a smoldering cigarette butt (no smoking) and faulty heating systems (all intact). An electrical disorder could be causing the drama.


After the tragedy, some media have claimed that the hydrant was buried in snow, which would have delayed the intervention of firefighters. “I heard it in a report. The coroner noted. A neighbor reportedly indicated its location to the firefighters. I contacted the insurance because I want to have the light on the implications and impacts of this element, “commented François Tremblay.

During the interview, Alderman read the Daily reporter a letter that he wrote to the emergency services to thank them for risking their lives professionally.

The funeral will be Saturday

The family of Denis J. Tremblay receive relatives and friends today at the Funeral Home Fjord, before making their final respects on Saturday at the Church of St. Alexis of Great Bay.

The ashes of the old tank of Alcan will be on display today, from 14h to 17h and from 19h to 21h.

In the barrage that followed the event, François Tremblay has redoubled its efforts, despite his pain, to organize a celebration at the height of his love for his father. “The circumstances of his death are beyond us, but his tribute will not escape me,” he said with conviction. Councilman will honor his father, addressing the people gathered at Mass that will be celebrated by Father Pierre Bergeron.

“If today I have the privilege of being a representative of the people, so today I get to share skills with my neighbor, so today I am what I am with family a future, I owe him through sacrifices he has borne for us. My father never negotiated values. He was completely proud of his name, his work life, and I will make for the rest of my days pass it on to my children and to honor his memory, “shared the alderman at interview .

Several musical performances are celebrating menu, with Ève Gagnon in classical violin, the Borough Director Gaétan Bergeron who will perform Ave Maria of France Duchesne accompanied on the organ and singer-author Andréanne Warren and Tommy Boivin.

What he said…
On its public status

“I am fully aware that I am a public figure. I think, with hindsight, that the media and the people were very professional and very respectful. I feel empathy, the love that we testify, and it is beyond us. every day is achieved by reconnecting with the community how the flood of love is soothing. In tragedy, the good side is to realize that what surrounds us and carries us pushes us forward. ”

The mayor

“The mayor was gentleman. He called me several times, and it is I who recalled. He said he was praying for me and my family. I felt his sincerity. ”

On its work stoppage

“I want to make sure to take the time to come back strong and complete my mandate with the same intensity and the same passion. The mayor and the municipal government are warned that I’ll come back when I’m be willing to reinstate my duties. They served me here that I had the freedom to take my time. ”

On his daughters

“My daughters have resumed school on Monday. It goes well. Camille and Rachel are fully aware. They manage it in their own way. Children have the right to understand, should be involved, but it requires leadership, vigilance. ”

On his wife

“Lorena, in this story, is truly exceptional. We still realize more how we’re a team. She is strong and she instinctively supported the logistics side so I can manage my pain. ”

On family planning

“We will live the funeral, our grief and we will wonder about our future. For now, our idea is to rebuild on the site. ”

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