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eleve-classe-accueilWhen Nabila Shabigzada and Arfan Sultani, from Afghanistan, arrived in Quebec, there was a world in their native language, Dari, and their new language.

Nabila, a student in a reception class, is originally from Afghanistan, but it passed by Tajikistan before moving to Canada with his family. A world, period, between what they knew and what they were going to live.

“It’s because of the war. We could not go to school, “says Nabila about his arrival in Quebec. We moved in Tajikistan and arrived here in 2014.

Arfan, the regular student, saw Pakistan and Iran before coming to Sherbrooke.

“I came here in 2008. I started in primary school Marie-Reine; I was there for six months, even less than that (…) I began to zero: I did not know the alphabet. ”

“I spoke Dari and some English. Over time, the French took its place, “said Arfan, who grew up in Iran. There, he was deprived of schooling.

“They do not want the Afghan people study there. For seven years I was there, but I have not studied. It was hard to return to Canada and study at the same time, it was really difficult. It is because of the war we had to leave Pakistan and Iran then. In Iran, we realized it was worse. “The family of Arfan decided to settle in Canada.

“What we see sometimes when students are fleeing a country, they are ostracized (in the country where they find themselves). They are told they are stealing jobs. This is often something seen when we present the students, “says the deputy director of high school La Montee, Jean-François Gagne.

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